Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baggy Lady

Hello. Looking through my posts it has been a looooooooooooooong time that I did a show and tell of something I have made. So ta da here is something that I have never made before, a bag.

I bought a lovely bag before I started my costume course and it was my faithful friend all through those two years. But alas it was looking a tad scruffy and the zips had broken and it made me sad. Yet I could not throw it out, instead I gave it a make over!

I downloaded the Anna Boho Bag pattern from Burdastyle and taped it all together. I had some fabric from a sale in a textile shop in Welly, called D Alexander (which is were I got my material for my major work corset, amazing textile shop!) and I thought they would work well together.

Close up of the old bag fabric, can you see why I did not want to put it in the landfill to un-perish, so pretty.

I cut out the largest section and found that it was too small for the base of the Anna Boho Bag pattern. I decided to just put a big ole box pleat in the middle of the floral material I was using as the bags main body.

I cut up my ole bag and was able to reuse the strap and 95% of the existing outer material, yay! I used an old plastic folder to reinforce the bag bottom and some waterproof material from my stash for the lining.

I then I sewed it all up, the instructions are ok and I found it that it went together really easily. Because I had my own strap I did not make the fabric one from the pattern and made loops instead.

I used extra strong thread that you use to sew jeans material with. I then made the draw string tops using thick chunky cord and toggles from my stash.

My old bag material is used on the base of the bag and the corners, I think it complements the material I used well. You can see my box pleat in the middle.

I love the pockets on this bag, very handy for mobile and keys without endless rummaging!

Here is the final result in all its glory!

I did add the tassels from the pattern but they just looked a bit naff as my ole bag material is plastic vinyl erm they looked cheap so I took them off. I love it! The inside does not have any pockets but the pockets on the outside are great for me as I tend to lose small things in bags no matter how good the pockets are inside the bag.

I rated this pattern and one of my friends already wants one!


Monday, March 15, 2010

I will miss you the way you miss the sea...

The reason that I have not been around this blog is because I have had to make one of those life decisions with Doug... we are moving to Brisbane, Australia! In erm like 4 weeks...

He got a job offer to good to refuse and a sub tropic winter sounds alrighty. I have been a bit of an emotional fair ground ride because I will miss Wellington and New Zealand soooooooo much. I really love it here and have so many great friends... yet on the positive that means I have so many reasons to come back and visit.

So apart from packing the house, getting the dogs over there and applying for my visa I have been freakin out in wardrobe terms. I was coasting through this summer with not a large selection of summer wear. I thought during the long winter I would make my summer wardrobe but hey its kinda summer all year round in Brisvegas... well to a Scottish lass it is :)

Which means I have to get snappy and sew some suitable tops and erm skirts. Phew!

So I leave you with pictures of my dress and hat from the Wellington Cup and ask you to bear with me on irregular posting while I move countries (again).

Ok, I should have ironed the dress but I did when I wore it. I wanted a 1950's shape with swag pockets and I added a deep sweetheart neck line because I suit them. I drafted from the waist up and used a retro 1980's pattern for the lower half. I love the fabric...a tad rococo don't ya think?

The fabric on the dress was so strong that I keep the natural look of the straw, but lowered the crown for a more 1950s shape. Then I added bows, bows, bows and of course some veiling dharling!

Here is me on the day with Amy and her entourage...

Amy is the lady in the middle picture wearing her fantastic creation! Want a close up of her hat...

Is it not fabulous?! Here is another of her wonderful outfit... outrageous!

Catch you soon

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the winner is...

Hello, hello! There has been a lot going on in my world some of which is all a bit hush hush (very mysterious) but here it is at last, my round up of the Wellington Cup... which was a few weeks ago now but hey better late than never :)

First up was the Couple of the Carnival. In the picture below the couple in the left won this category. I get that they match but for me the outfit looks a bit like funeral directors wear not sunny race day wear. My pick , on the right, is this delightful couples outfit, wonderful colour combinations, eye catching detail and they looked like a race day couple enjoying the sun!

Next was Designer of the Carnival, of which I entered! So the outfit on the left won. I like the modern fabric used, but was not a fan of the black asymmetric fabric across the torso or the lace fingerless 80's gloves. I thought the outfit on the right stood out, I really loved the hat, twisting spiraling feathers!

Moving on now to Man of the Carnival. There was lots of men is smart suits, which was great to see, oh yes it was :) The winner of this section is on the left but I just think the guy on the right looked a lot sharper in his suit... more Don Draper

Can not really remember the exact order but up next is Mature Lady of the Carnival. There was lots of well dressed mature ladies who proved that style lasts longer than fashion. The lady on the left won but I have to be complete biased and say I think my mum rocked black and red with more razor sharp style.

Classic Lady of the Carnival. So many to choose from. The winner wore a lemon, grey and black combination that just did not inspire my senses. It was the lady on the left that I thought looked amazing! I love, love, love the use of the black lace on the jacket and her skirt was draped beautifully. From her shoes to her hat it was classic, classic, classic.

Last but not least was the Contemporary Lady of the carnival. The winner is on the left, the photo is not that great but I thought it was quite a safe choice for this category. Much more fun and alive is the entry on the left. How super amazing is that hat! It picks out the detail from the dress amazingly well. The hat won the peoples millinery award and was made by no other than Amy Jansen-Leen... of course!

So there you have it. If you want to see more pictures of the Wellington Cup fashion in the field click here to go to Snap Star where I got all these photo's.

You may be thinking what did I wear, but that's for another post, hopefully tomorrow!

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