Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swings and Roundabouts

I can now officially work and live in Australia as I got my visa! I just had to go back to New Zealand to get it... so that's were I have been! It was a chance to see friends, drink cups of tea ( and the odd cocktail), get some wonder op-shop finds and add to my material stash.

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought two Collette patterns, Macaron and Ceylon. I had made the Mini Madeleine bloomers from the free pattern on the Collette website and the pattern was fun and a great fit. The Ceylon dress is so pretty and Casey made such a great job of hers that I really wanted to get down to it and make my own version.

The pattern itself is soooo pretty!

It is an envelope that turns into a bound book with the instructions and the pattern in the back sleeve.

I have some material in my stash that will be perfect for this 1940's inspired dress, I just have to wait until the stash clears Aussie customs along with my sewing gear... oh how I miss it all.

One other book to add to my library is The Undies Book by Nanette Rothacker.  I got mine on Esty.

What a plethora of under wear patterns. I have really wanted to be able to create my own camisoles, bras and slips as I always hanker after luxury ones I can not afford. I reckon from all my left over pieces of silk etc I can make some panties and lounge bras. Whoo hoo, before you know it I will be wearing fluffy feather mule slippers and Doug will think he is living with a Hollywood starlet of yester year.

Now in reality, one other thing about this edition of the book is the illustrations. I just love the them, art nouveau with a dash of folk loving 1970s style.

So cute! There are 25 patterns in this book and I intend to make every single one of them, even the Crocheted Victorian Valentine Undies and the Knitted Ski Snuggies I will add a category called The Undies Book to my list. This may turn in to be my life's work, haha, finally finishing those snuggies for my 60th birthday, te he.

I got some rather nice op-shop finds while in NZ, but I will leave that for another day. Have fun.

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