Saturday, May 30, 2009

Put it all together...

I would like all these things to wear under my cosy velvet jacket, but since I made a pledge to not by new for 6 months and the fact I have zero dollars to spend on off the rack clothes I will have to dream a little... or make similar things myself!

The hat, cargo pants and bag are all from the heavenly Anthropologie *sigh* and the shoes are from my favorite shoe shop back home in the UK, Office. The top is from Arden B , ain't it sweet!

I think I will have a go at creating similar pants as I have a deep thick purple silk fabric in my stash just waiting for such a project. When I get back to do some crochet the top could be possible... if only father time would allow for such fanciful things. Its still study work all the time at the moment.

I do however love day dreaming...


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion Runway

My first runway garment! You may remember that I sent over my Scrappy Reflapper dress to Nikki who runs the fabulous Wardrobe Refashion site to feature Wardrobe Refashion's runway show at Australia's The Stitches & Craft Show. Well here are some pictures from the Melbourne show of my dress, the model is a bit smaller than me so the dress is a tad to big for her but hey I am still as pleased as punch. Whoop whoop!

You can check out the other great garments sent in by other members too here One of my favorites was Veronica Darling's wiggle dress made from a tablecloth! If you live in Australia the last date for the show is from the 19th-23rd of August in Sydney. Nikki has a refashion zone there and is at the Burdastyle stall too, keep an eye on the Wardrobe Refashion site as she often is looking for helpers. I would totally help out if I lived in Sydney!

I have been slack as on my Wardrobe Refashions of late but I am still upholding my pledge.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In a Space

My latest costume creations have been for The New Zealand School of Dance Choreographic Season, which this year is entitled In A Space. My contribution is just one of the many to this years show. Choreographers, dancers, designers, fellow costume designers/constructors, lighting students, stage management students, marketing and tutors (phew) all put 110% in to the creation of the show.

If you are going to be in Wellington come along and see the performance at:

Te Whaea Theatre
11 Hutchison Road

7.30pm, Friday 5 & Saturday 6 June
2.00pm, Sunday 7 June
7.30pm, Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 June
Tickets are $18, or $15 concession.
Bookings: 04 381 9254 or

I will put up images of my costumes after the show so they are a surprise! In the meantime check out Florian Teatiu one of the dance students (and this year one of the choreographers) perform the piece to be performed outside the theatre before the main event starts. This was uploaded to YouTube by Rebeeca Galloway the school of dance's marketing tour de force :) Enjoy and see you at the show!


Tip the velvet

For a rather long time I have been looking for a velvet jacket in my secondhand browsing and not come up with very much at all... until a couple of months ago I found this lovely tailored example for $15. Most of the ones I ever find are one buttoned closer affairs which do nothing for me so I was stoked to find this fitted three button lovely. On the same day I happened upon a 1950's petticoat in really good condition and some sweet Maryanne's! Awesomeness!

I found them ages ago but I never got round to taking nice pictures of then until now...I think they make a really great outfit, the petticoat is so pretty I would wear it as a summer skirt, so a bit of a wait for that. But right now is just the time for knitwear and velvet jackets.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Knitty hat

It has been a long time since I have made a post about something not related to costume or the lightdress! I don't seem to have time for much else these days but my studies, at least I love what I study. The lightdress is now complete and on tour to the states with Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette. Karen and myself went to the gig on Thursday night and saw the dress in action which was great after all our hours or work got some pics and video, but more on that once I select the best pics to show.

I have picked up a new craft though, knitting.

I can crochet not to bad but the click clack of those needles has finally entrapped me. I found a great knitting community called Raverly. It appeals to me as not only does it list great patterns it lets you organise your knitting projects and view other members projects to see what hints and tips they give about what makes a pattern great or just plain blahhhhh. Good for beginners and seasoned pros!

So I found a great pattern, Robin's Egg Blue by Rachel Iufer got some secondhand knitting needles, consulted my Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft and set to work.

I did unravel countless times but the end product is not bad for my first knitting project ever and first time knitting in the round! It will keep me warm indoors and outdoors in NZ as it is now really cold in ole Welly and sadly my house lacks any normality of insulation, double galzing or central heating (I do miss those three things sooooo much in winter). Even though I did buy the yarn and button new all my tools are recycled, knitting needles, double ponited needles and my Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft. I now need to make myself a needle case as I think I am addicted! I have to say that my dealer of this knitting drug was none other than my classmate and friend Kelly who is a knitter par excellence, respect!

Until next time.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


From samples to the real thing! Here is the effect of placing organza over the LED lights on the lightdress

Light Dress from Karen Curley on Vimeo.

Photos to follow soon...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

This just in...

I am well again! Yipeeee. I have to catch up with my life and therefore my blog. My clever friend Karen just up loaded some samples of the matrix of LED's she has been working on to put into the lightdress here they are...

LED Matrix from Karen Curley on Vimeo.

LED Matrix from Karen Curley on Vimeo.

Now we sew a bigger matrix into the test dress for Bachelorette to use to see what works and what does'nt... then for the real thing! How exciting.

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