Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colette Spring Challenge: In Progress


Well I have been trucking along with my pieces for the Colette Spring Challenge. There are a few items that have changed. I have not made the long linen bias skirt from the new look pattern. Instead I made it from the  1970's pattern I found at the op-shop for 50c. I made the long skirt on the right. Easy peasy.

Don't they look happy, maybe its because they are wearing fashionable clog shoes, ha ha.

Below is the nearly finished article, just got to hem the mammoth hem and put in a hook and eye...
and an iron.

Then I did a toile of the vintage 1970s blouse pattern in a fabric that I have had in my stash for ages, it fitted really well! So it is a wearable toile, yes! Just going to tone down the puff on the sleeve cap a wee bit.

The purple skirt is finished. I have made this skirt before so it was easy to get it together quick smart. I used a wonderful breathable purple linen.

I really love the patten for the godet skirt, it swooshes wonderfully. Whooooooooo!

So now for some hemming, hook and eyeing and erm more sewing of godet skirt.

The wrap skirt I wanted to make may be cast aside. I am trying to stash bust with this challenge and the material I wanted to use is not enough. 

Just wanted to say to any New Zealand readers that my thoughts go out to you at this time, such a terrible time for those involved in the earthquake. Hope you and your loved ones are safe.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colette Spring Challenge: The Patterns

I looked at my inspiration board and then at my wardrobe. What I really need is casual separates. So then I raided my patterns and fabric stash, as I don't really want to buy an thing for this challenge.

New Look patterns are quite cheap and on the up side I never really have to make many changes to the patterns so I have quite a few of them. I am going to make the t'shirts from some fine cotton knit that I have, stitch them with cotton thread and then dye them. The shorts are going to be made from a cotton sweat knit that I already have in the dusky pink colour.

The faux warp skirt is from a lovely slinky poly fabric in the coral peach. The vintage blouse is going to be from white cotton Swiss dot fabric. The godet skirt is going to be made with the material in the swatch, which is silk.

Both the skater and long bias skirt will be made in a cotton/linen blend, which I do have in navy. i have a purple colour but it is a bit dull so I will dye it a deeper purple.

Right better get cutting out... think I will make the godet skirt first :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Palette Challenge

I have decided to take up the Colette Spring Pattern Challenge . The idea is to collect inspirations, fabric and patterns and make these into clothes or accessories by March. I am a little behind but here is my design board and colour palette.

My main inspiration is from some images I took when I was in Scotland this year, I love the contrast between the white of the snow and the amazing pastels in the sky (main background picture).

I also went to see the Ballet Russes exhibition at the V&A while in London, it was incredible and I loved the detailing one costume in particular (second image from bottom right). Even the garments in the poster were very sweet (second image from top left).

Out of my Japanese fashion books I loved this Suffolk puff headband (top right) and cowl neck drop waisted dress (second image from bottom left). I also love the detailing on the red drop waisted dress (bottom right image).

I think Michelle Williams has great style and I have had this skirt in my fashion folder for a while now ( middle image bottom).

The floating images of the two tops in the upper left are techniques I would love to try. Beading and ribbon detailing. On the sleeves of the bow blouse the stripes are made by making thin tubes of the main blouse material and then sewing it on to the plain sleeve fabric.

Lastly the vintage Dior Cloche, love the colours and feather detailing. Want to make a hat as an accessory within this challenge.

Right, now I am going to get on a select fabrics and patterns!

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