Monday, March 15, 2010

I will miss you the way you miss the sea...

The reason that I have not been around this blog is because I have had to make one of those life decisions with Doug... we are moving to Brisbane, Australia! In erm like 4 weeks...

He got a job offer to good to refuse and a sub tropic winter sounds alrighty. I have been a bit of an emotional fair ground ride because I will miss Wellington and New Zealand soooooooo much. I really love it here and have so many great friends... yet on the positive that means I have so many reasons to come back and visit.

So apart from packing the house, getting the dogs over there and applying for my visa I have been freakin out in wardrobe terms. I was coasting through this summer with not a large selection of summer wear. I thought during the long winter I would make my summer wardrobe but hey its kinda summer all year round in Brisvegas... well to a Scottish lass it is :)

Which means I have to get snappy and sew some suitable tops and erm skirts. Phew!

So I leave you with pictures of my dress and hat from the Wellington Cup and ask you to bear with me on irregular posting while I move countries (again).

Ok, I should have ironed the dress but I did when I wore it. I wanted a 1950's shape with swag pockets and I added a deep sweetheart neck line because I suit them. I drafted from the waist up and used a retro 1980's pattern for the lower half. I love the fabric...a tad rococo don't ya think?

The fabric on the dress was so strong that I keep the natural look of the straw, but lowered the crown for a more 1950s shape. Then I added bows, bows, bows and of course some veiling dharling!

Here is me on the day with Amy and her entourage...

Amy is the lady in the middle picture wearing her fantastic creation! Want a close up of her hat...

Is it not fabulous?! Here is another of her wonderful outfit... outrageous!

Catch you soon

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  1. Oooooh, Brizzy!!!! It's all happening up there you are gonna have a ball. I can imagine it would be hard leave beautiful NZ though!
    The dress is STUNNING. I love the neckline, and the gorgeous pleat detail at the waist, and those sleeves- gorgeous!


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