Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Minnie not so minksy

Hello. Do you remember me? Probably some vague memory in the shadows of your mind. I have not been posting due to a lack of anything very interesting to say and a real dip in my creative mojo. But I do have one thing on my side, continuity. To follow on from my last post I did make that 1970's pattern from the fabric and well here it is (sorry for the no so great pic). I have made another dress and a skirt but have not got around to snapping them yet.

It is hard for you to tell if I look like a retro pottery vase in this top and skirt combo, as I am not in it, but rest assured I do not, in fact I look more like a retro printed glass vase, as Doug pointed out that (while I was standing in the sun lit door way asking 'Do you like it, do you, really do you?') that it may cover my body but you can still see my bra and knickers, tres see through.Oh faux pas!

So I have decided to remedy this by making a cotton petticoat out of my Undies book. Oh yes, the first project out of the book. Here it is in all its illustrative glory.

I have to find some suitable fabric for this project and so will go a hunting. In the meantime I have been enjoying reading this blog Tilly and the Buttons and its on my blog roll from now on.

Ta ta xx

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