Monday, February 23, 2009

Major work

During my final year of study in Costume Construction I get a budget of $200 NZD to design and make my major work. I have decided to make a mid 18th century women's dress... yes that's right a huge frock out of 200 dollars... mmm.

It really all started with my very girly dreams of being Cinderella aged 5 and then going to vast stately homes in the UK and seeing portraits of women in very beautiful dresses cemented my love for Rococo. Then last year researching I read Dress in Eighteenth-Century Europe 1715-1789 by Aileen Riberio (which is amazing, but at 220 USD is on my wish list indefinitely) and saw this portrait of the Marqise de Lamure, 1745.

What an amazing outfit! I am also using other pictures for reference, especially portraits of Madame de Pompadour, the portrait below being my favorite.

This project will take me until September to complete along with my other modules. So if you happen to find 15 metres of sumptuous silk for 120 NZD dollars of less in a Rococo period colour please give me a shout :)

My course is taking up a lot of my time now that summer is over but I still will be refashioning, op-shoping, sewing and my dualthon is only 6 weeks, you can't say I don't like a challenge.



  1. Have you tried going to thrift shops and buying drapes or other old upholstery fabric? Sometimes people donate an entire house's worth of matching drapes so you could get lucky.


  2. I have been looking out for those, but so far none in my colour palette, would be great though, will let you know if i do :)


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