Monday, June 22, 2009

Japanese Shibori

This blogger has been an unwell blogger, blah! The deeply uncool thing about this episode is that it is during my holidays, boo! Anyways... before I got sick I did some Japanese Shibori on some super soft jersey as I wanted to make the t'shirt on the right from my Burda World Of Fashion 02/2009 and although the colour is not me I thought the interesting pattern spiced up the shape.

I am very interested in using natural dyes but I am only learning about it at the moment and so went and bought some Dylon Cold Water dye in Moon Blue

I found some strong linen thread at the Wellington dump shop last year and I used this to sew in my patterns. For a quick overview look at this How To on Burdastyle

I used a ball point needle as I did not want to hole the jersey and make it run.

I stitched semi-circles on the fold and then alternated with straight lines and semi-circles until I got to the selvages.

You do have to pull really hard to get it to scrunch up. Mine kinda looked like a washed up jellyfish.

Then it was time for the dye bath. I have a huge tub we use for washing our dogs! I gave it a good clean and then placed in my damp fabric and poured in the dye solution.

I swished it around for a while and then left it to absorb! I then chucked it in the washing machine on a rinse cycle to get all the excess dye out, it came out looking like a blue washed up jellyfish... until I cut all the threads (and saved them for next time) and opened it out.

I really like the pattern in the middle! I now have to cut out the pattern and sew it... sometime soon I hope.

I had a lot of fun doing this and I can see how you could do quite precise patterns if you have the patience to sew them.

I think I may have to put some time aside to cut out a lot of patterns that I want to sew and then slowly find the time to sew them... plus all my refashions that are waiting for me too.

I have however made a start on my quilted jacket! Yahoo!


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