Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pocket Hoops

To make a waist seem tiny make your undies big! Mmmmmm, well that's what pocket hoops seem to do. I have been working on my 18th century costume and even though I have now moved on to my petticoat and trim here is a quick look at my pocket hoops (yes with unfinished corset, darn).

I used dyed drill and then silk dupion for the casing which I think looks quite pretty. The slit in the top of each hoop is for the ladies pockets, which would hang around her waist and then drop into each hoop, handy for that fan or knotting shuttle.

I seem to eat, sleep and dream my course at the moment, but have made a special effort to download at the pictures from my camera so more up dates soon.


1 comment:

  1. What pattern did you use for your pocket hoops? If you didn't use a pattern, from where did you get the instructions to make these? They're the size I'm looking for.


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