Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its that time of the season...

Oh! winter is nearly melting into Spring! Yippeee! Over the last few months sewing for myself has become a long forgotten affair... but I have managed to sew up some UFO's that have been languishing in the corner. One summer ruffle top and a ruffle skirt too.

The bib and ruffles in the top are of my own design but the basic pattern is from Built by Wendy 3835 view C, I love that pattern.

The skirt is also from a Built by Wendy basic pattern from the Sew U book. The inspiration for the ruffles came from a skirt on the beloved Anthropologie site. I used a digital print fabric for the skirt and it turned out very yum.

I still have to sew up so many clothes that I have cut out, including my graduation dress... but more on that later, I still have to finish my 18th gown with more ruffles (I think ruffles are catching) ... phew someone pass the chocolate, he he.



  1. Oh, wowowowow I LOOOOVE that top! Both it and the skirt are very 'Anthro'!
    I can't wait for spring to come either :o)

  2. Thanks EmilyKate :) He he, maybe we should set up a 'Anthro' fan group. Yeah the spring is defo on the cards, its getting warmer, yippp-yip-eeee!


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