Monday, November 30, 2009

If I could paint a picture...

What handsome couple... they are in fact my two amazing fur babies Floyd and Isla painted by the very talented Rins Dekker. This painting was commissioned by my dear friend and collaborator on the Light Dress, Karen Curley as a gift to me for my graduation and I LOVE IT to pieces.

I love the costumes, the nessie in the background the colour and falling blossoms from the trees. I have never meet Rins but just through some images of the dogs and my blog for reference she created the perfect painting for me. I am a very, very. very lucky lady. I gave such a belly laugh of glee and contentment when I received it and unwrapped it from its wonderful wrapping paper, also by Rins!

Thank you! xx

So just to finish of my major work pictures here is the final one with a link to my workbook (in which the fabric samples are empty, I printed the journal out then added actual samples).

Click on the PDF icon to download and view my journal for my major work. Leave a comment if you have any problems.



  1. Hi,
    Nice to meet you the other day in my store. Thought I'd check out your blog and think your work is amazing. Love your final dress and the beautiful styling on shoot. You're one clever chicken!

  2. huge grin : ) you are very welcome and thank yóu! Your work is beautiful and these last dresses are amazing and stunning and fantastic!
    oh and congrats of course!


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