Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunshine state

G'day! My first post from Brisbane, Australia where I now reside. Its been quite exciting so far and I have made friends, caught up with old friends and have generally been enjoying a warm winter.

One other thing that I have been doing is checking out some local op-shops *surprise* Well with no work visa yet and time on my hands what is a lady suppose to do (apart from house chores).

So here is my first lot of Aussie op-shop finds.

We have this really nice line of coloured glass windows in our new pad and I thought it would make a pretty backdrop, but it just makes everything a bit yellow... anyways...

First up a wonderful china tea set for one and novelty spoon with a butterfly motif... great for sipping cold tea on the veranda while contemplating the city views...

Bags, oh how bags and shoes are addictive... the antidote to the 'it' bag is the woven bag ladies, its true, honest!

Then for a bit of lovable tat, the New York compact mirror with hologram effects, this mirror as the State of Liberty, a big red apple and I Love NY on it depending on how you angle it... a tad over done, nah.

Lastly, Guide to Modern Clothing c1962. It is a gem and worth of useful advice.

For example in the section, Planning Your Wardrobe, it has this advice, which for me is relevant being a lady of leisure/house fiancee.

Clothes for home... For house work, such as Saturday cleaning, wear simple, washable clothing which is comfortable and will not get in your way as you work...When you dress neatly and comfortably for the job of housework, you are more attractive to your family, and you help yourself to get at the work and get it done.
Oh dear... I don't think daggy pj bottoms and raggy t-shirt would qualify as attractive to my family, least it explains why Doug greets me with indifference as I hand over a duster to him.

 The book deserves a blog of its own really. The pictures in it are awesome. Here are some of my favorites.

I wish I had the time to put bows on the top of all my hangers... really I do.

I also want to look this stylish when exercising...

 Kinda love this outfit...

Kinda think this one is in the 'working in the garden and looking attractive to the gnomes' section...

Lastly, what colours do I suit, why let me think...

I could go on and on with this book but I shall depart and leave you to ponder on your new fabulous cleaning outfits, toddle pip.




    Love it! That Gnome costume is too funny!

  2. I WAAAAAAAAAAANT that book! Beautiful photos and illustrations. I have one similar, Women's World. I keep meaning to do some scans and share them!
    I love your coloured-glass window!!!

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