Thursday, October 14, 2010

Undies update

Today (well tonight) I dyed my fabric for my undies project. I decided to use plain cotton voile. I wanted the colour to be like pale pink rose petals so that I can add cream lace and darker dusky rose ribbon. So I set to work.

I have a great 19L stainless steel pot that I keep just for dyeing, plus a little jug to dissolve the dye.

I used a Dylon dye called Pairs Rose that I have had for ages. I only put in one quarter of the dye as I wanted a really pale pink colour. I got the colour that I wanted after much stirring of the pot. I know this kind of dye is not the best to mother nature. So instead of pouring it down the drain and into the sea, I will let it cool completely and research other ways of disposing of it.

I also decided that I would make an under garment set rather than just the petticoat and settled on the Slip Style-style camisole.

Now to draw up those patterns and look for some lace and ribbon.


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