Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Japanese sewing books

Phew. I am working at the Queensland Theatre Company right now. Making costumes for Grimm Tales. The costumes are amazing and if you are around Brisbane I would recommend going to see the show.

One thing about sewing all day is that you don't really feel like sewing all night when you get home. So tonight I thought I would post about Japanese sewing books and imagine that I have a magic sewing fairy in the cupboard. My three sewing wishes would be...

The first one I have is Feminine Wardrobe and I love this sleeveless bow top! 

The second book I have is Sweet Dress Recipe and  really like the pin tuck details on the skirt and dress (two wishes in one?)

Finally I have an accessories book and I love, love, love this back draped (deceptively simple from the front) cardi. YUM.

So where to get them if you are interested!

I go to Pompadours Craft cafe on Esty to look inside them and I have bought two recently(she also runs a Ebay store and often has more pictures of the inside pages there). The postage can work out to make it more expensive than the second option which is yesasia (I have linked to the Pattern Magic book, if you scroll down it gives you other pattern book options) 

I could not get one of the books I was looking for on yesasia so that's why I ordered from the esty shop. But if you buy from the yesasia over a certain amount you don't pay postage, so it can work out cheaper.If you want to navigate to the endless scroll of Japanese craft books on yesasia here this is the route via mouse clicks: 

Japanese>Books>Lifestyle>Home Arts

I found it useful to get the authors name from the esty store and then put it into the search on yesasia

If you can't be bothered and want to pay about $10 more per book plus $10 delivery go to Tessuti, but the others are cheaper.

Alrighty, if you do order some here is a site that gives you translations for simple sewing terminology.
 I have read that the clothes patterns are for those up to 160cm tall and you have to add 1.5cm seam allowance to all patterns.

Plus if you want to get your hands on some english versions of these pattern book The Book Depository has Pattern Magic for $22.92, much better than the $45 dollars in some of the shops in Brisbane. There is free delivery too. yes one is winging its way to me now... naughty.

Phew! Hopefully the weekend will free me up to draft my undies patterns and get cutting.


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