Saturday, January 1, 2011

Modern knits with a vintage look

Hello, Some of you will be in 2011 already, I have still got 12 hours to go as I am back home in Scotland! I arrived early December and have been having a jolly good time with my family and friends.

Not much sewing has been done, but I have made some fabric place mats and coasters with my Mum, as she is an amazing quilter. One other thing that I have been doing is knitting. I purchased the Paton's pattern book because I like the vintage feel of the finished items. I really liked the one below.

But its way pasted my current knitting skills! So instead I am knitting the second one from the left on the top row instead (in the same colour as the one above).

I do have expert guidance while I am at home as my Nana was an outstanding knitter. In fact I am taking home the Shetland Lace shawl she knitted for me when I was born back with me to Australia.

Nana approved of my knitting a said that I was a fine firm knitter. Because she can't see that well anymore, she is 89, she is giving me all her knitting paraphernalia, including what will be vintage patterns. I am going up today to sort them out with her.

I have only knitted about 10 inches of the back pattern... will show you when I achieve more.

Well have a great start to 2011. I think its going to be a good one.


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