Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colette Spring Challenge: The Patterns

I looked at my inspiration board and then at my wardrobe. What I really need is casual separates. So then I raided my patterns and fabric stash, as I don't really want to buy an thing for this challenge.

New Look patterns are quite cheap and on the up side I never really have to make many changes to the patterns so I have quite a few of them. I am going to make the t'shirts from some fine cotton knit that I have, stitch them with cotton thread and then dye them. The shorts are going to be made from a cotton sweat knit that I already have in the dusky pink colour.

The faux warp skirt is from a lovely slinky poly fabric in the coral peach. The vintage blouse is going to be from white cotton Swiss dot fabric. The godet skirt is going to be made with the material in the swatch, which is silk.

Both the skater and long bias skirt will be made in a cotton/linen blend, which I do have in navy. i have a purple colour but it is a bit dull so I will dye it a deeper purple.

Right better get cutting out... think I will make the godet skirt first :)


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