Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well I am finishing off my Spring Challenge projects... not got to make all of the items but least I still have a plan to follow. I have been wearing my linen navy maxi skirt and I love it, it swishes so well and in the Australian sun it provides some shade for my pins (yes it is autumn here, but still hitting a sunny 33, phew). Will post pictures soon of all my finished items.

In the meantime the simple lovely-ness of ric rac roses. They are so cute. I was brought to the attention of these lovelies while browsing Wardrobe Refashion blog, which lead me to twobutterflies blog and I saw this lovely image.

So lovely, I am sure that you would want it... well pop over to twobutterflies blog before the 31st of March and leave a comment to be in for winning this ric rac rose necklace. Sweet.

If you want to attempt some ric rac roses yourself I looked for some links. On Pintangle there are instructions for two types of roses, and the link that twobutterflies links too Nostalgic Needle Art. If you want your rose to have a flat bottom Crafty Pod worked it out by ripping it up, ah yea!

I see a ric rac rosey future.

In finishing check out this super duper video from Swonderful in Wellington, NZ.

Papercup - Alphaville - Winter 2011 from Micah Sargisson on Vimeo.


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  1. Hi Minnie,
    I love the necklace and showed your project to my students- they love it!! We are coming to WOW 2012 and would love to do a workshop with you- say 12-18 students- what do you think???
    How can we communicate???


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