Thursday, April 16, 2009

$20 bag

Over Easter one of my local opshop haunts had a $20 dollar bag offer. Pick up a bag fill it up with clothes and just pay $20... I got some lovely stuff. Half of my items even had their shop tags on and one silk blouse was from one of my favorite 'I can't afford to shop in there' high street shops Veronika Maine. There are a few shoulder pads to remove from one of the blouses and a quick refashion on a very bright pink silk top but I was very pleased. I even snagged a fine knit handmade cable jumper which is great saying my knitting skills are basic.

Luck was with me again when I spotted a canvas and leather handbag from another of my 'I can't afford to shop in there' high street shops Country Road for $5, I was drooling over this last year when it was over $80. Add to that a fun woolen skirt from Cue for $7 and I have been shopping in all the shops I can't afford to shop in. Better than an Easter egg... mmmmmmmmmm.



  1. Oh! So lucky...which Op shop in Wellies was that? I might have to haunt it myself...

  2. Yeah I was really lucky :) It was the Salvation Army Family store in Newtown, I had a right ole rummage. x


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