Friday, April 24, 2009

A for A.P.C

I do have a little thing for all things A.P.C. and looking on their website I decided in my virtual purse to buy the outfits below. I am feeling a little unwell and a little trip to Paris in the summer to shop at A.P.C. would be the best medicine... along with yummy treats from the p√Ętisserie.

I like the laid back style, I think if I ever find the time I may use them as inspiration for my refashioning and make new projects. But its finding the time, I am so busy (which is a good thing). Today and tomorrow I am working on the light dress.

Weeks ago Karen and myself did create some samples of a simple circuit and played around with some fabrics on top to refract the light. It was heaps of fun, but this weekend we
are stepping it up and developing a full mock up. Below are some pictures from our light sampling and in the image above you can see the flexible circuit.

Better get on with it! have fun xx

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