Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blanket hat

I have knitted another hat and this one is like wearing a cosy blanket! I love it. I downloaded the pattern from Parallax Knitting and the pattern is called Russian Princess in Exile, which seems to fit as one of my friends thought it looked Russian on first viewing.

This is a replacement hat for an old bought cream hat that got melted chocolate all over it and well brown stains don't look good. I was so tempted to go and buy another hat as I have never done cables before and I made mistake after mistake. I arranged a craft circle (my nice term fro stitch and bitch) night in my house and Kelly helped me out with the pattern. The next day I just sat down and within 2.5 hours it was done and dusted.

Glad I held out as it means I still have not bought anything mass produced this year, its made of NZ wool and the 12mm needles I got from the opshop.


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