Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back on track...

I gave my blog a festive present and birthday treat all in one... a little make over. I got some cards made up and now my blog matches my cards. Still little bits to do but they will get done without you noticing too much :)

I was going to go through all my old blog images and change the border colours but well... I have got better things to do, like day dream over presents I would buy myself.

First up would be a Retro Glider by Raleigh, ok there are more expensive versions but I had a gold Raleigh when I was a nipper and I LOVED it.

Then of course Anthropologie needs a visit, this wonderful blouse, dress and top would be my current top picks... but I would wear the dress. Then as I rode on my new bike in my new dress I would stop and snap away with my LOMO Diana... ahhhhh daydreaming.

Hope yours come true.



  1. Oh, I love your redesign! Lovely colours and I like that it's a nice wide posting colum, good for big pics :o)

  2. Hiya, thanks :) Yeah I need to make bigger pics now... just have to figure what size. Going to make a blog roll and add your blogs too.


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