Thursday, March 12, 2009

Corset tools

One great thing about making corsets is that you get to use tools! Specifically heavy duty wire cutters. Instead of whalebone nowadays we use plastic and steal boning for corsets and the cutters nip through them in a jiffy. Then its sanding them on each end to make them smooth (so not to pop through the fabric when under strain).

I finally got the perfect fabric for my 1750 corset and made my own bias binding from a silk scrap that I found in the costume workshop. This is the second item of my mid 18th century costume, I made my chemise a few weeks ago. I will post a photo when its finished.

I am using modern methods to create this for the stage (sewing machine) but in the 18th century it was all made by hand. One blogger Carolyn Dowdell of Rockin the Rococo has finished her masters project where she made all her I8th century garments by hand, she will be exhibiting her items on her site soon so keep a feed out on her site or you can read a quick interview here.

It is hard enough to make them using the sewing machine and tools so congrats to her :)


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