Saturday, May 30, 2009

Put it all together...

I would like all these things to wear under my cosy velvet jacket, but since I made a pledge to not by new for 6 months and the fact I have zero dollars to spend on off the rack clothes I will have to dream a little... or make similar things myself!

The hat, cargo pants and bag are all from the heavenly Anthropologie *sigh* and the shoes are from my favorite shoe shop back home in the UK, Office. The top is from Arden B , ain't it sweet!

I think I will have a go at creating similar pants as I have a deep thick purple silk fabric in my stash just waiting for such a project. When I get back to do some crochet the top could be possible... if only father time would allow for such fanciful things. Its still study work all the time at the moment.

I do however love day dreaming...


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