Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tip the velvet

For a rather long time I have been looking for a velvet jacket in my secondhand browsing and not come up with very much at all... until a couple of months ago I found this lovely tailored example for $15. Most of the ones I ever find are one buttoned closer affairs which do nothing for me so I was stoked to find this fitted three button lovely. On the same day I happened upon a 1950's petticoat in really good condition and some sweet Maryanne's! Awesomeness!

I found them ages ago but I never got round to taking nice pictures of then until now...I think they make a really great outfit, the petticoat is so pretty I would wear it as a summer skirt, so a bit of a wait for that. But right now is just the time for knitwear and velvet jackets.



  1. So jealous. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thanks :) They were a super find


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