Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrappy Reflapper

Well holidays were great, I climbed a mountain, swam in the sea, did some cross stitch and relaxed... but after being deprived of my sewing machine I was delighted to spend today refashioning. For the short waisted of us (that includes me) it is empire line or dropped waists. I have so many empire line tops and to be honest its getting BORing!

So I decided to make a drop waisted frock. You can read all the 'I made this earlier' details, as always on the wonderful wardrobe refashion site.

My Mum bought me a wonderful skirt with really pretty material. But alas, too much material on a drawstring waist spelled disaster and instead of a complete body type replacement I thought refashioning was a more pain free option. With the addition of of secondhand material from my stash, here is what I came up with.

It looks like a Great Gatsby meets Doris Day , two of my favorite things x

*The skirt is just tacked to the bodice, I'll sew it on properly, honest!

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