Thursday, January 14, 2010

Musing muses

Hello :) Another day of delightful millinery was had... berry danish and lemon tea too. Yummy. Even more yummy is the fact that tomorrow my mum and me are having a girly day.

We are going to the birth house of celebrated female NZ author Katherine Mansfield. I have often pasted in the van on the way to purchase fabric and wanted to stop and go in, but tomorrow is the day. The house has been restored to what it would have looked like during Katherine's era. That will be great to see.

Katherine did live in the UK and was part of the infamous Bloomsbury set. How exciting! I read a book not long ago on the Bloomsbury set and they didn't mind sharing lovers, of either sex, the odd drink and it seems a far bit of art went on too in all its forms.

Very inspiring.One other lady that is inspiring me is Elinkan from Sweden. She sure knows how to put an outfit together. The images are lovely too, check out her flicker, but below are some of my favorites.


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