Sunday, January 3, 2010

Once upon a zine

It is rainy ole Welly today... so I have been rummaging on the Internet for something new and interesting. I love Wellington library and so while checking out the website I looked in to their blog section on Zines and then stumbled on a zine from Canada called WORN. I am going there tomorrow to check it out pronto.

In their mission statement they say;
"WORN discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion."
That's enough to want me to read it. You can buy copies from their ESTY store or maybe your library as a copy of their Zine too.

I am still trying to sew my green silk dress together, but now that it is raining and there is no sunshine to tempt me out doors its the perfect day to sew. I am also thinking of having a clear out of my closet or is that just procrastination? Mmmmmmmm.


1 comment:

  1. I hope you liked what you read!!
    -Anna Wornette.


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