Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer lovin...

It seems that I had my best OpShop day for ages the other day but it seems that my other half, Doug, has the knack himself. Right now I am assisting Amy Jansen-Leen with her orders for race day hats (btw if you need one better make the order quick not long until the Wellington Cup). I came back from a day of wondrous hat making to find an outside oven in my back yard and a beaming Doug.

Wellington has a pretty good dump shop and he went up there with the feeling there was a bargain to be had. He found an outside oven for $50 (well $42 really as the guy throw in a $8 sandwich toaster, nice).

So today we cooked and had an outdoor summer fish lunch, flinging the fish in the new outdoor oven.

I managed to sneak in some more of my french chocolate tort, mmmmmmm.

Ok this post has nothing to do with costumes or fashion but I am proud and wanted to show off Doug's bargain prowes, not to mention cooking skills.

I have put the green silk dress aside and start making my race day outfit... I don't think I will ever get that green dress finished, maybe it is to be a UFO forever!


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  1. Ten points Doug! Those outdoor ovens do not come cheap new! That fish is making my mouth water! YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM!!!


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