Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planets align

You know when you have been thinking about something and then whammy in the next few days it happens... like somebody you never hear from and then you think about them, then they ring. Well I have had a sewing related version.

In my sewing tool bag the one thing that lacks is pinking shears. I was saving to get some. I was researching the perfect pair. Then yesterday I took my parents on one of my Opshop hunting days and there waiting for me were a pair of pinking shears.

I gasped and asked the lady if she had some spare material I could cut. I looked at the label, Mundial, I looked at the price $10!!!!!! I held my breath, I cut the fabric, they worked beautifully. I smiled a smile only fellow sewers would understand.

Then while my glow was at its zenith I looked around and found some vintage tapestry covered buttons, could this day get any better? Hell yeah!

When I came home a parcel awaited me... from my dear friend Kelly Pringle... inside was Cadbury Wispa's, Dairy Milks, Chocolate Buttons and Monster Munch crisps, I smiled a smile only those far away from home would understand :)

But wait there is more! Wrapped inside some gold star covered paper was a most amazing book, Vintage Fashion, collecting and wearing designer classics, so perfect, so well timed and from such a great friend.

I don't think days like that happen very often and I am still smiling now, I just had to tell someone.



  1. Awesome find! I have this thing where if I want something, I 'ask the universe' to out it in an opshop for me. It has worked for a number of things, like a tailors ham and point presser, and an old straight-stitch Singer sewing machine. The thing is the WAITING. I actually have some pinking shears that I picked up at a market, but I've got to get them sharpened! I LOVE pinked edges.
    I'm hoping soon you'll have another package in the post!

  2. Yeah, the waiting is a bit naff but makes it all the sweeter when you find it, ha ha... mmmm tailors ham... maybe that will be next for the OpShop universe calling :) Pinked edges are so sweet, probably the next thing I make with be called Death by Pinking!
    Yes, yes I am looking with glee at my post box after my morning tea ... will let you know when it arrives. Did you have a good birthday?


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