Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am a Wardrobe Refashionista!

I got an email from nikkishell from Wardrobe Refashion and I am all signed up for two months. Let the Refashioning begin. I am pretty excited.

I did a wardrobe clear out today and have a big pile of clothes that I can refashion, I am really hoping that my fabric stash will go down too in the next two months.

It comes as quite a shock to see how random my wardrobe is, no wonder I am always looking for something to wear,as I stare at heaps of clothes. Since one of my goals is to have a more streamline, quality wardrobe it looks to me that i will have to start making basic like white shirts... I don't even own one.

For some wardrobe rebuilding advice I have been reading up, surprisingly the LUCKY shopping manual: building and improving your wardrobe piece by piece did not advocate running out and buying everything, it was just full of good advice. It was more fun to read than others and more visual which I prefer than pages of text.

One other aspect of my refashioning is to get healthy so i can get back into some rather nice clothes that are a tad small. Its getting of to a good start with my friend and i... running! We are going to enter the Real Women's Duathlon and we have been out twice already. The big day is in April, so lots more training days to go...

Minnietheminks xx

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