Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OpShop Delight

I had quite a find in one of my local OpShops today, or should that be five finds! My mum always coveted shoes by Bally and its rubbed off on me, so I was super quick to grab a black pair of Bally courts, they fitted a treat, been recently reheeled and the leather had not a mark. I then went for a wander round the store.

I proceeded to pick up a great long denim skirt that was made in NZ with the coolest buttons, a crochet lace dollie, old leather picture frame and a really lovely pendent on an ugly rubber thong. I then went to the counter and asked how much the shoes were (my heart palpitating as I am on a very tight budget) and the lady replied $3 NZD (roughly $1.80 USD or $1.20 GBP), my heart sang with joy. She only charged me $9 NZD for the whole lot!

So when I got home I took some lovely pictures and rethreaded the pendent on to one of my own silver chains. Who said secondhand shopping is dull :)


  1. SecondHand shopping is my favourite and best - muchly fun!

  2. It is indeed, I feel I become more me than sticking to chain stores Thank you for your commment x


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