Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wendy house with wheels

Yippee its holiday time! I read a lot of advice about what to pack for beach holidays, country getaways or city breaks but I am still looking for a guide for the girl who is on the campervan break.

How does one pack with style when very little room is available and every holiday type clothes will be required and hair is to dry au natural (read uncontrollable mop) ... head scarves of course (or as my Nana calls them head squares)!

Whip one on and in an instant you are sleek and stylish, Opshop's are great for these, so I will be packing a few from my collection. If you need more convincing, as always Audrey.

Maybe over my holiday I will compile a 'what to pack' for campervan trips and post when I come back... If you are not convinced about campervanning click here for a lovely little article to open up your mind.

Going in the campervan on holiday reminds me of playing in my wendy house when I was little but this time its got wheels!

I won't be around for the the next few days, take care


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